Rose  Hall  Weddings  Est.  2003

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The staff was 1000% PERFECT!!! They seriously went over and beyond to make sure that everything went according to plan. My favorite part was when they surprised me by the letting me know that the rain was unlikely and moved the guest’s chairs to the gazebo. To say that I was overjoyed would be a drastic understatement to say the least! They also did a fantastic job at protecting me from problematic family members (it’s a long story, I’ll spare the details lol).

Music: The DJ understood the assignment and had everyone dancing the entire time! He was awesome!!!

Food: 12/10! Everything was delicious and was definitely prepared with love!

Cake: On top of it being beautiful, it was the BEST cake I’ve ever had!! People are still calling me to talk about it lol.

For an all inclusive venue, nothing was compromised. Even down to the wire, everyone remained professional, fun, and efficient. I will ALWAYS recommend them to everyone I know!! I am incredibly satisfied and grateful that I have chosen them for our venue, and would marry my darling husband 10 more times there if I could!

10 STARS!!!!” ~ Jasmine Hilton

Rose Hall Event Center