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Shopping for an All Inclusive Wedding Package

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Engaged couples are busier than ever. Many are in school or are full blown into their career while others are juggling work with raising children. All inclusive wedding packages offer a one-stop shop for engaged couples. It also eliminates hours of researching and selecting wedding vendors. Many wedding venues are jumping on this all inclusive trend.

The term all-inclusive can having different meanings. Typically, a venue will offer their services along with catering, a wedding cake, bridal floral, DJ and perhaps a photographer. When shopping inclusive venues, the first thing to do is to find out if the people executing the services are employees, contractors or groups of individual vendors offering services. One quick way to find out is to ask the venue if they will be collecting the full amount of money for the wedding. If the answer is yes, then the people providing the services are probably employees or contractors – a true all inclusive situation. It’s advantage is that all the parties work closely together on a daily basis making communication easy and quality control attainable, consistently. In reality, these types of venues should be able to offer the best value because most of their overhead is under one roof. If the venue payment policy dictates payment to individual vendors, then you are dealing with a group of individual vendors who have formed a team to provide the all inclusive wedding.

You’ll Want To Do Your Research If All Vendors Are Independent Contractors

A sub-contracted, all inclusive scenario is most common and the venue will be dealing with independent vendors to provide the services they don’t. If so, couples should research each vendor’s references and reviews. Each vendor should prove they are licensed and insured and provide a separate contract for their services. You will also want to find out how long the vendor has been part of the group and how much wedding experience they have. A couple should also consider having an outside wedding planner to assist with communication, quality control and facilitate the wedding day’s activities.

While each of the independent vendors may be individually excellent, they are unlikely to communicate with each other on a regular basis as would employees of a venue. Some venues may provide planners and directors so be sure to ask at the time of the tour. The difference between a good wedding and a great wedding is communication with an emphasis placed on consistency in both quality and service.

All Inclusive Weddings the Rose Hall Way

Rose Hall has been offering our all inclusive wedding packages since 2009.

Since then we have hosted around 500 weddings, all of which have been inclusive. From the beginning, we have had the unique and rare opportunity to cater our own weddings. Our venue has an in house catering license which means we are the creators of the meal that will be served to our guests. We hand pick fresh ingredients for each meal we prepare. It’s served fresh oven to table.

We have a contract partnership with a cake baker and photographer. They are two experienced and professional companies with whom we have developed a nine year relationship. In 2013, we added an in house floral designer and private DJ to our packages. They along with our planners and directors are employees. Having sole control of each wedding has allowed us to duplicate excellent quality and services over and over again.

Our packages offer customization and our value is unmatched because all of our overhead is in one building. We offer the best services at the best value. We invite you to visit our website and find out more about the all inclusive wedding packages we offer.

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